10 Updates of YouTube That is Making You Want to Keep Watching

1. YouTube TV

Let us give you a comprehensive understanding of what YouTube TV is and the benefits it provides.

YouTube TV lets you enjoy your favorite live TV on your hand-held devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can watch up to 6 different networks at once and more than 50 channels, spanning from sports to news, entertainment, and kids programming. You can also create personal profiles for each member of your family so that they can have personalized recommendations for programs that are relevant to their interests.

As a cord-cutter, YouTube TV gives you a variety of channels from all the networks you enjoy – with no cable bill or contract. And because YouTube TV is powered by Google Fiber (1 gigabit per second), it streams live television at the same speed as an internet connection in an office building

2. Live Channels

A live youtube channel is a platform that allows you to create broadcasts for your viewers, who in turn can also contribute to the broadcast by either submitting questions or asking live questions. This can facilitate online discussion and engagement.

Some live youtube channels offer good content and get less views than other ones that have bad content. Finally It all comes down to how the youtube channel is managed by a youtuber.

3. Automatic Captions

Automatic captions are generated automatically by Youtube. They are used to transcribe the audio on a video clip.

Automatic captions can be used in different ways. It can help people who don’t speak the same language as the video and also deaf or hearing impaired people to understand what is being said on the video.

In order to provide accurate automatic captions, youtube relies heavily on machine learning and artificial intelligence for transcribing text from a given audio clip.

4. Community Guidelines Enforcement

The Community Guidelines Enforcement on youtube is an ongoing process of reviewing videos and removing those that violate the terms of service. The enforcement process consists of an initial review for any potential rule violations, followed by a second review by YouTube staff to determine whether the video does in fact violate the Community Guidelines.

YouTube’s policies include restrictions against harmful or dangerous content, as well as content that intends to harass or bully other users. In some cases, we may allow controversial content if our community finds it valuable or educational.

5. YouTube Heroes

YouTube Heroes is a YouTube program launched in October 2018. The program allows YouTube users to take on volunteer tasks that benefit the platform and its creators.

The initiative aims to involve the community in fighting some of YouTube’s biggest challenges, including spam and bad actors who attempt to steal views and revenue from content creators.

6. YouTube TV Ad-free Subscription

YouTube TV is an a la carte subscription service that offers live TV channels at a monthly fee of $35. It also features YouTube Red membership, which removes all the ads on YouTube for free.

YouTube TV offers live access to about 40 channels and is available in the United States only.

7. New Channel Tab for Videos from Your Interests or Channels You Watch the Most

It is a new feature that was introduced in the video app that allows you to set up a new channel tab where you can see the videos you are watching or interested in.

The New Channel Tab for Videos from Your Interests or Channels You Watch the Most allows people to keep up with their favorite content and their interests. This is great because videos can be time-consuming to watch on YouTube and other platforms, but now it’s easier for people to slip away from their devices and focus on what they’re doing.

8. News & Politics Shows Coming to YouTube Kids App

Android and iOS users will soon be able to access the free News & Politics Shows on the YouTube Kids app.

Believe it or not, but the YouTube Kids app is home to a wide range of news and politics shows that were released in response to media outcry about how much children are seeing on their screens.

9. Live Streaming on Mobile Devices No Longer Requires App Download, Android App Gets a Redesign

Live streaming is a new form of broadcasting that uses the internet to give audiences a truly interactive experience.

What exactly is live streaming?

It is the process of capturing and sharing real-time video with others at the same time. It can be used by anyone with an internet connection, an app, and a device that can capture video.

Live streaming on mobile devices no longer requires app download because of its increasing popularity and usability for people on go. This also includes Android App which gets a Redesign.

According to the company, “Live” is now a top-level navigation item, with the ability to change your live settings and toggle between watching and browsing.

Google announced that they are focusing on the mobile streaming experience by giving an all new Android app design. It will also come with muting options, which will allow you to cut out any distractions while surfing the web.

The company is also announcing a new feature called Auto Camera Turn, which can be found under “Camera Options” in the app. Once activated, it will automatically rotate between your front and back cameras when you turn your phone from one side to another.

10. The Premieres Tab

The Premieres Tab is addition to Youtube that was introduced in 2018 and is quickly becoming a favorite.

The Premieres Tab offers a spot for videos from all of your favorite creators to be featured so you don’t have to search through separate channels in hopes of catching their latest uploads.


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