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YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is a video sharing platform where people can upload, watch and share videos. The site was created by three former PayPal employees in 2005 and has since grown to become the second-most visited website on the internet.

YouTube first became popular with young people who used it to post videos of themselves performing songs, lip-syncing, or acting out short skits. As time went on, YouTube started to take off as a marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Today, there are more than 5 million small businesses that use YouTube as a marketing tool.

The first step in any successful YouTube marketing campaign is creating an account and uploading your video content. You can also link your account to your Google AdWords account to start running

How To Increase Your YouTube Channel Subscribers & Views


YouTube is a great way to share your voice and connect with people around the world. It’s also a great way to grow your business and make money. But how do you get more people to subscribe to your channel? And how do you increase the number of views on each video? Keep reading for some tips that will help. you grow your YouTube channel.

1) Upload Your Videos Separately – It’s hard to keep up with the constant influx of content that YouTube is releasing, and many people don’t know where to start. The best way to get noticed in this sea of videos is to upload separate videos, rather than one video a day for 20 days straight. Doing this will allow you to build a following over time, not just getting 100 views in one day.

2) Create New YouTube Channels – This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. If your channel is about food, create a second channel that’s about fitness for those who are trying to eat healthier. This will help you get more subscribers and more views on your food channel, even if it means that your fitness channel isn’t getting as many views.

3) Make It Accessible – Extra content is one way to draw people in and make them want to subscribe. If you film cooking tutorials, these can be found on your YouTube page or blog. Keeping material accessible makes it much easier for people to find something they want and subscribe to it.

4) Share Your Channel on Social Media – People are always looking for what their friends and other people like them are watching. Share your YouTube channel posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to encourage others to subscribe and watch your content.

Best Practices for Video Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. It’s a great place for marketers to promote their products or services and a great place for businesses to grow their brand. YouTube has over a billion users, and it’s estimated that up to 90% of internet users watch videos on YouTube at least once per week.

There are many different ways you can use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business. One way is by uploading videos of your product or service so that potential customers can see what you have to offer. Another way is by creating videos about your company culture or values and sharing them on your social media channels. You can also create video tutorials that help customers use your products or services more effectively. .

Not to mention, you can now also use Facebook Live, Facebook Live is a new YouTube-like live streaming feature that allows you to broadcast your videos to be viewed by friends and followers. It’s also an excellent way for community engagement, as talking about what you have going on in the moment lets your audience know what’s on their mind too. YouTube is a great platform to use for video marketing. It’s free, easy to use and has millions of potential viewers. Video content is great for businesses because it can be used to showcase products, tell stories, or educate customers. It is also a great marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and driving traffic.

YouTube Analytics 101 – Tracking How Your Videos Perform and Optimizing for Success!

YouTube Analytics 101 is a tutorial that will teach you how to track your videos’ performance and optimize for success. This article will explain what YouTube analytics are, how they work, and show you some best practices for using them. .

What YouTube Analytics Are and How They Work


YouTube analytics are tools that measure visitors’ engagement with your videos. This data can be used to evaluate marketing campaigns, plan out how long certain videos should be, find new ways to optimize for success, and so much more. The two primary types of analytics are: video views and unique viewers. Unique views show the total number of unique viewers that have watched your video, while views only count a single view. Video views are the most important analytics metric to track, both because you want to know how many people are viewing your content and because it is the primary way YouTube will measure engagement with your videos. There can be two main reasons why a video’s views may hurt engagement : it was meant for a specific audience and the video was not optimized for success.

Meant for a specific audience:

You may have created content that is meant specifically for your target demographic or niche market. While you may have gotten great viewership from this, your engagement rate (the percentage of viewers who watch an entire video) is likely to be lower than if the content was less specific. Content that is meant to be enjoyed by many different types of people, rather than just one specific group, can be harder to create. This content will have a higher engagement rate because it has more viewers with varying interests and backgrounds.

Meant for a broad audience:

You may have created content that is meant to be consumed by many people. This type of content will likely have a lower engagement rate because it appeals to so many people, meaning that not everyone who watches it will be interested in the same things. This type of content will also require more production, which means higher costs and less revenue .As mentioned earlier, if you want to create content that will be engaging in the long-term, you need to choose a type of content that is meant for a specific audience. If your focus on the project is making money by producing videos quickly, then videos with high engagement rates are best. If your focus is building an audience and nurturing it over time,


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